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Top 8 Different Types Of Dosa, South Indians Delight

Top 8 Different Types Of Dosa, South Indians Delight

Dosa is an authentic south Indian dish which is usually served as a breakfast. Here are some of the most popular types of dosas.

Dosas are an Indian equivalents of pancakes. This South Indian delight has been popularised all over India and world as one of the best fast foods around. Dosa is a fairly adaptable dish. You can have these Indian pancaked doled out on street sides, have a good meal of dosas at a good Udipi restaurant or have super fine dosas dished out in a Five Star buffet.

Recently Masala dosa was listed as one of the ten foods to try before you die. Actually, this potato stuffed Indian pancake happens to be the most popular type of dosa. But it is by no means the only one. For the sake of clarity and lack of space, we are including all types of stuffed dosas like paneer, peas, chicken etc under the sole banner of Masala dosas. Some Varieties of Dosa can be prepared instantly but some need a little time. Finally the output is same crispy and tasty. Going into the history of Dosas it was originated in Tamil nadu . Later it spread in other southern parts now it has gone to the northern parts and crossed oceans which reached all the food lovers across the globe. There are innumerable types of dosas that can be improvised from the basic recipe. Here are some of the most popular types of dosas.

Dosa South Indian

Dosa South Indian

Plain Dosa

It is simply called as Saada dosa. It is the basic form of a dosa . The batter is made up of rice, dhal and dana methi that is finely grinded with the addition of water to make thick or thin proportion of batter which is later fermented for 15 hrs. After that it is very easy to bake on the pain. The taste is priceless and crispiest, I must say. It is not spicy but yet tasty. It is one of the main sources and simple form of dosa’s. When it comes to restaurants it is the least priced due to its minimalistic ingredients in it. Generally these dosas are rolled in a cone form and served.

Neer Dosa

Literally translating to ‘water dosa’, this is another delicacy that comes from the Tulu region of Karnataka. The specialty of this dosa is that it is pearly white and not brown like its other cousins. You need not ferment the rice batter to make neer dosas unlike other types of dosas. As it is light and soft, you can eat neer doas with various vegetable curries and also meat and fish.

Bread Dosa

Soaked pieces of bread are ground along with the dosa batter thereby giving it a fluffy spongy exterior. The texture and taste is an interesting mix of both grains.

Rava Dosa

This a healthier variety of dosas that are quite popular in Northern India. Instead of rice, the batter is made of Rava (also known as Sooji) or semolina. Rava dosas are not as crisp as normal dosas.

Open Dosa

It is dosa which is open to all and all the ingredients are seen. If it comes to masala dosa, the dosa is not folded or coned like plain dosa. It is opened and the curry, idli podi (the red powder in the picture)is decorated on it. The chutney and sambhar are served as side dish. It’s slightly thicker than plain dosa but not as thick as utthapam or something. It is a medium sized dosa. It is crispy at parts and soft other way. It is normal one but the ingredients are seen. The oil consumption is little less competitively to other dosas. It is stomach filling and many opt for it which provides both crispy and soft experience.

Paper Dosa

This is a special type of dosa that extends from one side of the table to another. A paper dosa is huge but ultra thin like a paper. The trick is to reduce the breadth of crust and make these Indian pancakes larger. So they are huge but light and super crisp.

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa

It is a well known dosa to all. Mangalore and Bangalore are famous for Masala dosa. No one can dare to go away from this taste. It can be roasted a lot and when served with potato curry the life is back with the awesome taste. It is seen everywhere at all times. The plain dosa with red garlic chutney is called the masala dosa, and a spicy potato curry. It is the best dosa one can taste and relish it. Really Mysore masala dosa and Chinese masala dosa along with some noodles are on demand.

Spring Roll Dosa

Spring Roll Dosa is no less yummy than other the types of dosa. It is stuffed with a Chinese-inspired filling which is made with sprouts, onion slices and pan-tossed cabbage. Spring Roll Dosa is served with sambhar and coconut chutney which are typically South Indian in taste.

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