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Posted by on Jun 30, 2013 in Food & Drink | 0 comments

Camping Meals for kids – Advice Needed for First Time Campers

There are many simple camping food ideas and tricks in the preparation that will make your camping trip a healthy yet fun one.

Camping offers lots of excitement and entertainment for kids. Child-friendly camping meals encourage young campers to chow down or perhaps help with the cooking, based on their ages. Some meal ideas work nicely over a campfire, with or without a cooking grate. Organize your camp menu to make sure you have all the necessary groceries before you head into the wilderness.

Camping Meals for kids - Advice Needed for First Time Campers

Camping Meals for kids – Advice Needed for First Time Campers

How to Make Camping Meals for Kids

Choosing the best camping meals for kids can be a difficult work for many, especially if your kids are picky eaters. But don’t forget, anything and everything tastes better outdoors and may make even the pickiest eaters request more. The fresh air outdoors appears to double everyone’s appetite and customary mistakes like burned or blackened food may also be overlooked. Modifying the usual items slightly or simply renaming them can make the foods a success among your kids.


The cheesy pizzas are time favorites of kids. An easy option is the individual pizzas. Pita bread or normal white bread could help as the crust. Add sauce and toppings like onion, pepper and ham. Top it with cheese, put it in a pie cooker over a camp fire and also the yummy cheesy pizza is prepared. Kids can also make their own pizzas which may be a great camp food activity on their behalf.


S’mores are almost like a campfire tradition. Kids like to make their own s’mores with lots of creative ideas. Look for a clean stick and poke it via a marshmallow. Now hold the marshmallow over the fire until it turns brown, sandwich it between two squares of chocolates and crackers and relish the delicious treat.

Foil Pouches

For lunch or dinner, foil pouches allow each individual to create a custom meal. Each individual needs a large rectangle of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Doubling in the foil gives it more durability. Let each individual add her choice of meats and vegetables. Chicken or sausages work nicely as the meat source. Add seasonings, for example garlic powder, oregano, salt and pepper or perhaps your favorite sauce to the foil. Fold over the foil and seal the perimeters to create a pouch. The foil pouches look at hot coals until the food is cooked, that could be anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes.

Pizza Pockets

Pitas produce the crust for simple pizza pockets over the campfire. Cut the pitas in half to produce two pouches. The kids spread pizza sauce within the pouch and fill it with cheese, meat and vegetables according to personal preference. Wrap the pizza pockets in aluminum foil and put them on the hot coals. Once the cheese is melted, the pizza pocket is able to eat.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are one of the best camping foods for kids. You may earn the patties from home itself and make it in a cooler. Just grill it over the fire as well as your hot dogs are ready to be chomped on. You might make ham burgers or traditional sandwiches.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs together with bacon are easy to make and enjoyed through the kids anytime. You want the kids to stay healthy all the time and eggs could be a good option for the kids during the camp.

Foil Wraps

Foil wrapped meal may be the easiest camping food for kids. They are easy to prepare and require only a foil along with a charcoal grill or camp fire. Fill the foil packets with meat and vegetables of your decision. Add a little seasoning and cook it over the camp ground fire or in the grill and prepare for a tasty delight.

Muffin Tin Breakfast

A classic muffin tin holds individual servings of either eggs or potatoes, with respect to the morning’s menu. Spray the individual cups within the muffin tin with cooking spray to avoid sticking. Crack one egg into each section of the muffin tin. Add come cheese, vegetables or ham to produce a mini omelet. You can cook hash brown potatoes within the individual muffin tins as well. Put the muffin tin over the campfire on the cooking grate, or put it on a flat rock within the campfire.

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