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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Food & Drink | 12 comments

Best Camping foods for kids

Camp cooking can be an issue on every outdoor trip as possible difficult to please the palates of everybody involved to their satisfaction. Especially tough would be to address the requests of kids for particular food items when camping, but by looking into making available an array of the best general camping food for kids tranquility can be restored. The best camping foods for kids are mainly items that children enjoy the taste of, foods that travel well, and more importantly are foods that kids can make themselves with supervision over a camp fire. Even just in instances where parents carry out the actual cooking chores kids could be pleased to participate in the preparation.

Camping foods for kids

Camping foods for kids

Hiking Food

The best foods to bring along for a hiking trip are ones that don’t require refrigeration. Jerky and nuts are lightweight and simple to carry, require no refrigeration and therefore are a good source of protein and fat. Crackers provide simple carbohydrates for any quick burst of energy. Top the crackers with peanut butter, canned tuna or canned chicken to create a complete meal. Bring along several pieces of fresh fruit for a refreshing treat. Apples and oranges are great fruit choices because they are sturdy fruits that resist spoiling if not refrigerated. Because fresh fruit is heavy to hold, limit yourself to only a few pieces.

Camping Food

You are able to bring fresh foods such as meats, milk and eggs along on the camping trip if you have a cooler to help keep the foods from spoiling. Ideally, you need to eat the fresh foods on the first nights your trip, before the foods have a chance to spoil. For extended camping trips, bring along dehydrated and dried foods. Powdered milk and powdered eggs function as substitutes for fresh eggs and could be rehydrated with water for cooking. Oatmeal provides fiber and sophisticated carbohydrates to give you energy during the day. Boxed macaroni and cheese and boxed, seasoned white rice mixes provide carbohydrates for energy. Toss in some dehydrated vegetable pieces and dehydrated meat bits to create a complete meal. Add a little vegetable oil for your meals to take care of your fat needs. For midday snacks, eat granola packs and jars of fruit cocktail.

Emergency Energy Food

Hiking and camping, particularly in cold weather, increases your caloric must as much as 3,600 to 6,000 calories each day, says Stephen Gorman in the “Winter Camping Handbook.” If you do not consume enough calories, you might feel lightheaded or weak. Should this happen, drink plenty of water and consume simple sugars for any quick burst of energy. Chocolate bars and energy bars should do the secret. Sugar drink mixes for example Kool-Aid and Tang provide both fluids and straightforward sugars.

Bag Breakfast

This is a unique meal option which involves taking a paper lunch bag, a stick and breakfast foods while cooking them over hot

Best Camping foods for kids

Best Camping foods for kids

charcoals. Open the bag and place two bits of raw bacon at the bottom. Layer a number of uncooked hashbrowns over top. Crack one raw egg over the mix. Fold the bag down 3 times and insert a pointed stick with the fold for support. Cook for eight to Ten minutes over medium high heat. Keep the bag from high heat and flames or it’ll easily catch on fire. Cool after which eat.

Walking Taco

This is a great way to consume a tasty Mexican dish during a camping trip. Purchase the lunch size bags of Doritos or Frito’s brand snack chips. Have several toppings put down for kids to create their walking taco. Ask them to open the bag and add in items like shredded lettuce, black olives, cooked and seasoned hamburger, shredded cheese and onions. Kids like it because they can eat right from the bag. Serve with a plastic fork and napkin.

Campfire Nachos

This really is another Mexican favorite that’s completely kid-friendly, Using a pie iron, grease one for reds with non-stick cooking spray. Place a number of tortilla chips on the bottom of the iron. Add cheese, cooked and seasoned hamburger or shredded chicken. Add 1 tbsp. all of homemade salsa and green peppers. Garnish with some more chips. Lightly close the iron so the chips don’t crunch together. Hold over flames for around five minutes or until cheese is melted. Serve on the paper plate.


  1. I fell deeply in love with this recipe years ago after i was at a retreat in a stadium. The food court did all things in a bag and my personal favorite was taco in a bag. I knew it had been so easy to make but always forgot about this.

  2. There there is nothing better than noodles , espaghetti and noodles . Kids love it and and it is truly very easy to make

  3. Lots of great advice here! Glad I checked into this. Don’t forget canned fish, sardines, anchovies, salmon, tuna, simple to tote. Dried anchovies from an Asian grocer are a good food, too.

  4. Camping, whether recreation or sleep away summer camps, builds independence in children! I’ve been involved with Texas summer camp for 14 many it has helped me develop life skills essential to impact my life as well as others. Camping facilitates an atmosphere where kids learn how to fail and succeed, encompassed by the impact of positive leaders. Share it with those you like and enjoy!

  5. Potato salad is easy and try to a crowd pleaser. With camping simple is definitely best. We used to do this for a long time with the pot luck business. If you wish to put a little money in it steaks are easy to do around the grill, otherwise hamburgers and hotdogs are easy. You can marinate some chicken legs and thighs and set them on the grill. Baked potatoes are ideal for cooking over a fire too.

  6. This is best ideas! We are camping in a few weeks and I LOVE all your tips. Thanks!

  7. Great Camping foods tips! Will be using more than a few of them while camping this summer.

  8. Wow! I am so impressed at just how organised you are! Your meals look so mouthwatering, will certainly keep your tips in mind for when we next camp.

  9. I LOVE to camp. One of my fave foods are tacos in a bag (easy to clean up, too).

    Tortilla chips (I prefer Doritos) in the snack size baggies (or purchase a big bag and put them in zip loc bags before you leave)

    Shredded lettuce

    Salsa (homemade is uber cheap/easy to create)

    shredded cheese

    ground beef

    sour cream (if you are feeling funky!)

    Open you bag of chips, toss in you fave toppings, and crunch up and eat having a plastic spoon. Yum!

    And then any other extra taco fixins you may want. We took this meal on our hikes and ate it where we ended up.

  10. Camping was our only vacation type after i was young. We’ve got littles and therefore are ready to start “glamping” with first trip finding yourself in a YURT. Thanks for your tips these are helpful.

  11. great post…those are all great family camping food ideas…and making me quite hungry!

  12. I have a good technique for pizza done on the camp stove. It uses pita bread because the crust and you can bring all of the toppings precut/shredded to make assembly much easier. You will need a largeish frying pan with a lid along with a bit of water. Put about a tablespoon of water towards the bottom of the pan and put the pita on the top. Place the lid over and allow the steam melt/cook your toppings. The water may prevent the crust from getting way too hard. If its soggy then you used an excessive amount of water. It might take a pizza or two to determine how much water you need to the crust perfect.

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